Print media

Books, newspapers, magazines and advertisements printed on paper are mediums which are just as important as ever for conveying information. Digital printing allows these products to be produced in small lots and to be personalised or individualised. The key factor is that paper which is normally used for printing can be printed on digitally without pre-treatment.

No type of paper can stop PolymerInk®.

With the "Multipapering concept", PolymerInk® accommodates the large product paper range and many possibilities to design papers and their substrates. Not only grammage and composition account for and influence the features of paper but also the degree of whiteness, structure and surface, such as coated, uncoated, matt, glossy, ribbed, domino paper etc. PolymerInk® is an ink for almost everything and…

PolymerInk® is deinkable!




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