your ink project becomes reality.

because we make sure that our water-based ink systems polymerink® work exactly as your specific application requires. reliable. water-based. in many colours.

the situation.

you would like to print on new substrates or print with new raw materials.

you have great ideas for new applications.

you have a new applicator but no suitable ink.

you need a perfect ink for your printhead.

you ask yourself:

how to get the perfect ink?

is it already available and where can i buy it?

or is it possible to develop such a special ink?

and who can advise you fairly and competently from the beginning?


us. that is exactly what we do.

we know what inks can do

the advantages.

our experience

this is the basis for your success. we know most printing and application systems, and many different substrates belong to our daily business. therefore we know how to fine tune to achieve the perfect result.

focusing on your success

we think of the whole process by starting at the end. working towards the finished product at the end of the chain and the features which make it so attractive for the user. thus raw materials are selected due to the features required for the desired end product. so that in the end everything works as it should. so that you are successful.

our building blocks

polymerInk® is a system of building blocks, that means we don't always reinvent the wheel, but we draw on existing systems and continue until the ink exactly fits your application. we will refine the product for as long as it takes. on that you can rely.

sustainable. non-hazardous

all polymerink® inks are water-based, mineral oil-free and work without any uv curing. we make the effort to use renewable resources and non-hazardous ingredients. we substitute these wherever possible.

creative. competent

not only are we a creative lab, we also formulate and manufacture products. if a path doesn't lead to the expected goal, we will talk to you. and develop a perfect alternative. decisions are made quickly, our reaction time is fast. so that you are the first on the market.

reliably at your side

we advise you. from the very first conversation. we have the building blocks and the experience. whatever your questions, whatever challenges arise: we accompany you to your goal.

polymerink®. the intelligent software for your application

the features.

adjustable for your
- applications
- printing
- systems
- applicators
- substrates

- compatible polymers
- tailor-made pigment
- preparations
- renewable resources

flexible colours and functions
- cmyk
- white
- special colours
- functional features

- digital printing
- industrial inkjet
- impact colour applications
- special applications

free from
- mineral oil
- uv initiators
- voc

it's us.

prometho GmbH. the creative team with developers' genes surrounding Ruth and Jens-Christoph Hoffmann. we are specialised in the development of inks, printing inks, pigment preparations and coatings. we have been doing this for almost 20 years. with great passion. because we love to meet master challenges. to find application-oriented solutions for our customers. so that their products, in turn, make their customers happy.

our polymerink® inks are water-based ink systems without mineral oil and photoinitiators. thanks to the modular system, the inks can be precisely tailored to specific applications and not only for digital printing and inkjet applications.

let's talk.

someone recently asked us in amazement: "can developers be inspired?" our simple answer is: yes. that is our work.

take a shortcut.

let's talk about your application problem.

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because we won't keep you waiting